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BGood | Hydra Magic Cool Talcum Powder | Deo Talc



The summers will be refreshing with B Good – Hydra Magic Cool Powder. The Hydra Magic Cool Powder is long-lasting, safe, gentle, and soft on all skin types. The refreshing scented talc keeps the body dry and keeps infections away. The soothing, long-lasting fragrance doubles up as deodorant.

  • In This Pack: Talcum Powder – Pack of 1 (Hydra Magic Cool Powder – 300gm).
  • Long-Lasting Fragrance: This talcum powder is safe, long-lasting, soft, and gentle on the skin, suitable for all genders and skin types, body talc, and face powder talc too.
  • For All Skin Types: BGood introduces you to refreshing fragrance ranges of talcum powder that energize your mood, are created with love for all types of skin, have cool talcum powder for summer, and cause no skin irritation.
  • Works as Deo Too: With a limited range, BGood Talcum gives you premium scented talc that lasts long with your day and is soft and gentle on your skin.
  • For All Genders: BGood fragrance lasts for a long time and also doubles up as a deodorant by preventing body odor. BGood talcum powders are suitable for both men and women.


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